A brief History of how Mr. Takeout came to be…

The Grocery Bag in Andover was a small convenience store that George Howie took over in 1977. He decided to expand and make fresh deli sandwiches for the neighborhood and the local businesses. He used three simple concepts; Quality, service and speed. These concepts led him to satisfy the town for 33 years and now with the help of his son, Jonathan Howie, he is expanding again. As the business has changed so has the name. Mr. Takeout may be the new name and provide a wider variety of products but the foundation is still built on the three simple concepts that the Grocery Bag was founded on. Mr. Takeout will continue to make sure that the service is second to none. We treat everyone that walks through the door as a friend and not just a customer. Corners will not be cut when it comes to the quality of the meats and produce that is offered. Speed will remain an important factor, lunch breaks are only so long, we don’t want you spending it standing in line.

We often hear people ask if the original grocery bag sandwiches will still be offered or will everything be changing. Let us make this clear, all the original sandwiches will remain the same, the meatballs, the tuna, you name it. We now have the capabilities of providing you with even more variety. Pizza and calzones will now be available. Fresh made to order salads will be one of our offerings. There will never be a premade salad at Mr. Takeout. A grill has been brought in to provide the hot sandwiches that were missing for so long. A fryer will help us to provide wings and sides to go with everything. The renovations took a long time but we promise it was worth the wait. We just want to thank everyone who has checked in on us along the way and who hasn’t forgotten us over the past year. We look forward to serving you again.

Thank you,
Mr. Takeout

54 Haverhill Street, Andover, MA      Phone: (978) 475-9877

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